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As a Certified Professional Coach R.J. is excited for the opportunity to connect with you and building an ongoing relationship.  

As a result of the 45 minute, weekly coaching session clients will experience several benefits including but not limited to: 

  • Uncovering Hidden Potential 

  • Identifying Limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals 


R.J is committed to engaging with you in 1 on 1, 60-minute consultations, weekly. He guarantees that by the end of your last session you will be able to do the following:


  • Gain insight on your life’s purpose

  • Get crystal clear on your top 5 passions

  • Know your top 5 strengths

  • Know and Explain your temperament

  • Identify your gifts


As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator R.J. also guarantees that you will discover:

  • The secrete to living a passionate and fulfilling life

  • The formula to create anything you want in your life


R.J. is available to host Workshops, give keynote addresses, and sit on panels.

Prominent Topics and Past Speeches Include:

  • Fulfilling your purpose

  • Successfully Mastering the College Experience

  • Branding/Dressing for Success

  • Embracing Failure


R.J. is excited to partner with businesses and organizations to offer coaching and/or consultation to their employees that will advance their careers and give them greater fulfillment.