"Be wise. Be great, for your time is now and you hold a significant key to success in your hand; don’t let it go to waste!" 

For most young people, the period between graduating high school and entering college is a joyful and intimating time. With increasing numbers of students becoming first generation college attendees and the rate of drop-outs rising, there has never been a stronger need for a guide aimed at these students than now. And although the tips found in these pages are vital, they are not included in the curriculum on most campuses. 

With Lessons Learned: A Guide to Successfully Mastering Your College Experience, Robert Johns answers a need that has existed as long as the institution of higher education. Inside, Johns offers his own hard gained expertise on experiences almost every college student will encounter sooner or later. These valuable lessons rage from how to excel in class to choosing a mentor, getting along with roommates and managing debt. And, just about anyone can benefit from these lessons, including parents and instructors. After reading this book, students can feel confident they will not only be successful in this milestone of their life, but also have the best college experience possible.