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"Although I had repented for my sins and acknowledged they were wrong, I hadn’t reached a place in my walk where I regretted the “fun” I was having. I had always looked at my sins as things that affected only me, but I came to realize they grieved the heart of God. " 


In this self-reflection, Robert Johns shares his raw and powerful testimony for the first time ever, in its entirety. Johns lets us get up close and personal recalling the multiple times he was molested as child and dealt with rejection and abandonment. He walks us through his introduction to Christ and details the two occasions that he has ran from God and the calling on his life. He shows his vulnerability in giving the transparent details of his sexual immorality. He goes further to discuss his abuse of alcohol and how it hindered him from advancing in many areas of his life.  Johns exposes all of this just to let the world know how the LOVE and POWER of Christ can and will transform all of those who believe and submit unto him. Johns believes that he is only a mere example of this. He seeks to let the reader know that God is able to do so much more for them, if only they would truly ask and be ready to receive.


Foreword by Kiara A. Johns

Kiara A. Johns is a Disciple of Christ, Wife, Missionary, Mentor, and an Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Not Our Blueprint Girls International and the program director for the For Girls Only Party after-school etiquette and mentorship program. Her passions include Global Missions, Adolescent mentorship, and Government. It is her prayer to embody the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in becoming an imitation of his lifestyle and attributes, as well as a witness to his life changing healing and restoration offered through salvation.